The Meaning of Gulush


I get asked about once a week on the meaning of the world, Gulush, and why it is included in my shop name and my answer is always simple: Gulush is a combination of my last name (Gula) and the word lush (ɡo͞o/ləSH).

Now, you might ask, why would I lump those two words together? Well, those two words are very important to what I do here at Gulush Threads. 

Each piece that I sell here is made by my two hands which is then finished, packaged, and shipped .. all by me. I am the creative mind behind what goes on here and I do it all while taking care of my two lovely children. 

Everything I do is for my family, for myself, for the Gula name. I make these beautiful things for others so that I am able to care for my family, by being here physically and by supporting financially. 

Gula was where my story began and the second part of the word, lush, was where I saw my story going. 

Lush has many different meanings (all of which are very important). Lush means to grow, to thrive, to be full as well as meaning very rich and with much sensory pleasure. All of those definitions are what my work means to me and where I want my business to become/mean to others. 

I take great pride in my work. I choose the best fabrics and palettes to make the most interesting, unique pieces for others to hang on their wall or around their neck, to cherish forever. I won't sell something unless I know that it is pleasing to the eye (and the heart) and I refuse to sell something unless it is original and derived from my own imagination. I want my work to have meaning and to inspire others and I feel that living and abiding by these standards help me to be better and do better. 

Gulush inspires me to be true to myself and to be original in all things and I carry the meaning of that word with me every day as I create and as I grow with my business (and as a person). 

Putting these two words together was easy. Living by them has become the real challenge - a challenge I love and wouldn't change for the world. 

So, I sincerely hope you stick around with me and I hope you find something here at Gulush Threads that is right for you (or someone else).