It's National Embroidery Month!

February is a busy, exciting month filled with many noteworthy celebrations like Black History Month, Chinese New Year, and Galentine’s Day - but did you know that it is also National Embroidery Month?

For the past two years, DMC and Gulush Threads have teamed up to celebrate National Embroidery Month with a daily stitch-a-day challenge, multiple giveaways, and daily live streams and this year is the same with just a few additions to make this month extra sweet.

This year, unlike the previous years, has a designated pattern and a kit!

The pattern for this year’s challenge is completely free and is available for download here. However, this is just the basic pattern - to download an add-on to the pattern, head on over to our Patreon and become a $10 patron! The Patreon pattern will be the pattern I use all month, so make sure to check it out so you can stitch along with me!

The starter kit is also new this month and contains everything you need to get stitchy for the month including:

+ 7” Wooden Embroidery Hoop
+ 9” x 9” Natural Linen Blend Fabric
+ Needle
+ DMC Embroidery Floss (Eight Colors)
+ Pink embroidery Snips
+ Pattern Download (with Add-On)

Kits will ship out within 24 hours after placing an order (so you will get it in enough time to join along).



Now let’s talk about all of our favorite part of the month - the giveaways!

Every Friday, there will be a giveaway sponsored by DMC over on Instagram to spread some embroidery goodness to those wanting to get stitchy! These giveaways will vary between thread packs, embroidery thread cards, and promos to use over at DMC. To enter these giveaways, all you will have to do is like and comment on the giveaway photos (while also following Gulush Threads & DMC).

But what if you participate all month? Don’t you get something special?


If you participate in the stitch-a-long and use the tag #STITCHVENTURE when you post your photos on Instagram - you will get entered to win a DMC package of embroidery goodness worth up to $170! The giveaway winner for this will be randomly selected on March 1st from the hashtag, so the more you post - the more chances you will get to win!



This month is one of my favorites of the year and I am SO EXCITED to share my love of embroidery with you every day! Check out the daily challenges below and get all of your materials ready, it’s time to get a little stitchy!

Pre-Orders are Open for 200 Embroidered Flowers!

(The following post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission for recommending these products. Your purchase helps support my work.)


It's been a LONG year of silence (with minimum posting), but I am now able to freely talk about the biggest thing that has happened to me (and my work) since I started this crazy thing called Gulush Threads: MY FIRST BOOK! 

As someone with a degree in English, it has always been my dream to get published. Granted, I never thought it would be for embroidery (one day, I'll publish the novel I've been working on for ten years ... one day)! 

Since flowers have always been a big part of my heart (I once dreamt about being a florist), this book makes the perfect resource for anyone wanting to dive headfirst into modern floral hand embroidery, the Gulush way. Not only do you get patterns for 200 FLOWERS/PLANTS, but you also get the how-to on how to take modern floral embroidery to the next level with 10 PROJECTS

This book will keep you stitching year round (as it kept me as I had to basically put my business on hold to complete it), so make sure to PREORDER NOW so that it arrives just in time for some summer projects (official book release is June 5th)! 

You can pre-order the book at AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks a MillionSew and SoIndie Bound, and many more.

If you pre-order the book, make sure to go to Sew and So's website here and let them know so you can receive a FREE bonus project download!

Once you get stitching, don't forget to tag #200embroideredflowers as well as @gulushthreads (on all social media platforms) so I can see your masterpieces as well as feature you! 

Thank you guys so much for your amazing support and love (especially over the past year), I would not have been able to do this without it!

The Meaning of Gulush

I get asked about once a week on the meaning of the world, Gulush, and why it is included in my shop name and my answer is always simple: Gulush is a combination of my last name (Gula) and the word lush (ɡo͞o/ləSH).

Now, you might ask, why would I lump those two words together? Well, those two words are very important to what I do here at Gulush Threads. 

Each piece that I sell here is made by my two hands which is then finished, packaged, and shipped .. all by me. I am the creative mind behind what goes on here and I do it all while taking care of my two lovely children. 

Everything I do is for my family, for myself, for the Gula name. I make these beautiful things for others so that I am able to care for my family, by being here physically and by supporting financially. 

Gula was where my story began and the second part of the word, lush, was where I saw my story going. 

Lush has many different meanings (all of which are very important). Lush means to grow, to thrive, to be full as well as meaning very rich and with much sensory pleasure. All of those definitions are what my work means to me and where I want my business to become/mean to others. 

I take great pride in my work. I choose the best fabrics and palettes to make the most interesting, unique pieces for others to hang on their wall or around their neck, to cherish forever. I won't sell something unless I know that it is pleasing to the eye (and the heart) and I refuse to sell something unless it is original and derived from my own imagination. I want my work to have meaning and to inspire others and I feel that living and abiding by these standards help me to be better and do better. 

Gulush inspires me to be true to myself and to be original in all things and I carry the meaning of that word with me every day as I create and as I grow with my business (and as a person). 

Putting these two words together was easy. Living by them has become the real challenge - a challenge I love and wouldn't change for the world. 

So, I sincerely hope you stick around with me and I hope you find something here at Gulush Threads that is right for you (or someone else).