Gulush Threads Shop Change, Starting July 1st

Gulush Threads Shop Change, Starting July 1st

June 22, 2016 1 Comment

When I started Gulush Threads back in 2013, I never dreamed it would take off as much as it did and leave me, three years later, still stitching like a boss. I love how every day I get to wake up, cook my kids breakfast, and then make my dreams a reality from the comfort of my home. 

Throughout these past few years, I've noticed many trends come and go, hoards of copycats flourish than flutter, and desperate changes that needed to be made to our operating model, but never did. 

I've now come to realize that those changes will never come to Gulush Threads if I don't just make them happen, so come July 1st .. I will be completely rehauling Gulush Threads and changing the way things operate here. 

Come July 1st, Gulush Threads will switch from Made to Order to Ready to Ship.

I've been dreaming about this for a year now where I make what I want to make and sell what I want to sell (while discontinuing old designs to make way for new ones). In the past, my work load never made that possible since I would always get new orders as soon as I shipped off old ones. HOWEVER - this summer I have been working on getting my order list down to almost nothing and I have succeeded! I am now capable of making this switch in the next week and I couldn't be more excited (yet nervous). 

But what about customs? What if I want an old design? Can that still happen?  

Yes and yes. On the 1st of every month, I will be opening a few customs slots as well as listing some old designs every month that can be purchased as Made to Order. Those slots and listings will only stay up for 24 hours and once that time has passed, the shop will close down all listings until the next shop update of Ready to Ship items. 

What about jewelry? Will that be only Ready to Ship?

Jewelry will be our only exception to this change. I will be testing out keeping jewelry as Made to Order for a few months to see if it works with this new operating model. So, you can get jewelry any time during the month and will be able to grab up Ready to Ship pieces as well. 

Why are you making these changes now? What inspired this?

At the end of the day, I want to be able to control the amount of work I perform every month (instead of constantly working with no days off) as well as bringing my turn around time from six weeks down to a few days. I feel this change will not only make my family happier (as well as my hands and wrists), but will bring smilies to my customers faces when they see items are available almost immediately upon purchase. 

I'm down with these changes, but can I get some hoops Made to Order before July 1st?

Yes. If there is a design you really like, I would grab it up now. I will be bringing some back every month but I can't guarantee it will be the ones you want. If you are lucky to grab a custom slot, you can get pretty much anything you want but I will only be listing a few of those a month and with the second half of the year coming (and Christmas looming just six months away), I would prepare yourself now instead of waiting. 

Incentive? Maybe? Yes? 

Oh yes. Haha. Of course. Use "GULUSHCHANGES" at checkout for 30% off your total order, until July 1st. 

I'm really excited about this! I hate waiting so long for pieces, especially yours, and can't wait to see what you offer for us. 

Oh goodness, me. You are so kind to say those things. I can't wait to make new pieces either. I'm constantly being inspired these days and have already drawn up countless new designs I can't wait to dig into and I can't wait to show them to you. I have a big batch of Ready to Ship pieces already made and they will be dropping on July 1st! 

I have some questions, maybe? 

Put them in the comments, you sweet ray of sunshine and I'll be answering almost immediately. I hope that I clarified everything for you and made it easy to understand. I want this switch to go smoothly and I feel it will be the best thing to happen to Gulush Threads since sliced bread. 


Just go with it (also, comment below with what you would like to see made in the next few months, okay? Okay)


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June 22, 2016

I know it is still very early, but my favorite pieces are your custom Christmas hoops! Really looking forward to buying as many as I possibly can!! (If you’re still doing them this year that is)

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