February Pattern of the Month: I Pricking Love You

February Pattern of the Month: I Pricking Love You

February 06, 2017

Valentine's Day is upon us and what better way to express your feelings to the one you love than with a whimsical, stitched prickly (yet adorable)
heart cactus

gulush threads i pricking love you heart cactus pdf pattern

I'm just so excited to introduce February's #Stitchventure Pattern(s) to you guys! This pattern was a fun concept to create, but way more difficult than I thought it would be to execute! I decided to try a brand new filler stitch (Long and Short Stitch) to fill in the heart and I just wasn't used to it at all (that's why it took so long for this pattern to hit the shop, my apologies). 

The cool thing with modern embroidery is the idea to 'create more with less' and that begins with using less stitches to create a piece. Usually, I stitch with a maximum of 5-6 stitches (as you can probably see with all of my work) and have spent years mastering these stitches to get faster and get more precise with my work. 

Adding a new stitch in the mix really threw off my jam, but since February is 'National Embroidery Month' and we're currently working through a 'Stitch-A-Day Challenge' I figured that I would really challenge myself this month and learn something new. 

It paid off (I just love how the texture this stitch gives the final piece) and it really showed that although you can create with less, sometimes it is fun to do something a little different and add a little more. 

Another reason why the pattern was late this month (and this is exciting news so keep reading) is that I updated the PDF packet for the pattern. Not only does it come with the printable patterns, but you also get a handy dandy (and illustrated) color and stitch guide, a more detailed/visual supplies section, and more helpful hints to help you begin to stitch like me. 

Although I spent a few days working on the new packet, I know that it is not perfect. That's where you come in! I would love any and all feedback on the #stitchventure packet so please, if you are member make sure to leave some feedback either with a shop review or an email to me at hello@gulush.com. 

Head to the shop and snatch up this month's pattern while you can (or sign up for our #stitchventure pattern of the month club)! Also, don't forget to sign up for our giveaway below! I'm going to pick two people this month to win this month's #stitchventure pattern. 

I can't wait to see your finished heart cacti (don't feel shy to post and make sure to use the #stitchventure tag when posting) and get creative with it! I would love to see this pattern in different colors and on different fabrics (GET WILD)! 

Thanks again for your support, it means the world. 

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