Stitchventure (of the Month)!

December 28, 2015 2 Comments

It's time for a STITCHVENTURE! Okay, so it has taken almost three years, but I'm finally making this happen! In just a few days, you (and anyone else you know, super crafty or not) will be able to embark on the stitchventure of a lifetime: a new pattern, by yours truly, arriving in your inbox every month! 

Say whaaaaaaaat?! You heard me correctly! Anyone (experienced or amateur stitchers) can take part in this journey, either by starting small (with a three month starter subscription) or going for the long haul (with a yearly, discounted one)! 

That sounds super cool but, honestly, I'm intimated and slightly unsure I can even do this. Never fear, sweet rainbow child! I will be stitching along right with you every month, available for questions via social media or email (I may even have a few live stitch nights via periscope, etc). I'll show you the stitches I'm working on, give you sneak peaks on future projects, who knows! With me, you may even get to know the lady behind the stitches a little better (I'm a real treat, I promise). 

Okay, okay. This sounds like a pretty killer deal, but what exactly are you planning on charging for this awesome sauce? $10 a month or $100 for a year (if subscribing to the Stitchventure). Installments will be available in three month or six month subscriptions with a yearly subscription totaling out with a slight discount ($20 off, to be exact). 

But what if I want to just purchase a single pattern and not subscribe to your Stitchventure? That's cool, bro. I feel you. No one likes to get stuck in long commitments with something they don't want to make. That's why, if you choose, you can purchase the stand alone pattern of the month for a slightly raised price of $15. 

Rock on. So I can purchase any pattern of the month, at any time? Not exactly. The pattern of the month will be sold exclusively for that month only, either through one time purchases or through subscriptions.

But, like, why tho? See, what I've learned through my own stitchventure is to never stand still and never let something stick around forever. My goal in 2016 is to always be creating, always be making and to do that, I have to say goodbye to things, have to move forward. Now, that doesn't mean I won't have a crazy little one time end of the year pattern sale and that doesn't mean I won't cave and throw patterns around like confetti. It just means that times are a changing and I would like to grow up, just a little bit. 

So, how do I sign up? Good question me. Sign ups will begin on January 1st and will run throughout the year. If you sign up in the middle of the month, your subscription will begin in the month you subscribed.

When/How do I receive my patterns? You will receive a fresh, new and fun PDF pattern download in your inbox on the 1st of every month. Your PDF pattern will arrive via the email address you supply with your subscription signup. If you don't see your subscription, check your spam mail or contact me. I might have messed up (it happens, a lot). 

But can I like make a gazillion copies or the pattern and share them with my friends? I'll be straight up honest with you, don't. Like, don't do that. I work really hard to make a living sharing my passion with others and by cutting corners you are preventing my daughter from going to preschool, my husband from eating oreos, and myself the luxury of paying my heaping pile of student loans. Your purchase, and the purchases of others, help support my family and my dreams. Please don't be a jerk, okay? Buy the pattern, tell your friends. It's so simple a puppy could do it. 

I'm guessing that means I can't sell the sweet goodies I make with your patterns, huh? You guessed correct! I hold the copyright to each and every single pattern that is purchased through Gulush Threads which means that each purchase is for PERSONAL USE ONLY and can, in no way shape or form, be used commercially. If I find out you are using my work for anything but making your own goodies or gifting to friends/family, I will take legal action. You won't like it when I take legal action (kristen SMASH, basically). 

I think that answers all of my questions? What do I do if I have more? Leave me a comment below or shoot me an email. I am happy to help you understand this and make it super easy to join in on the fun! Because, trust me, it is going to get a little wild! 

YOU NEVER KNOW YOU MIGHT JUST GET YOUR FIRST MONTH FREE (which will be this fun donut embroidery)!! 


*Disclaimer: With Stitchventure, there will be NO physical items shipped to you. The only thing you will receive is a PDF download of a pattern, once a month, in your email inbox to the address you provide.* 


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