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I have a weak spot for amazing design (and I doubt I am the only one). It relieves my anxiety and just plain makes my heart happy. 
Polly of Sighh Designs (in the wonderful UK) has been making my heart skip a beat for the past year with her cute illustrations and jaw dropping typography (on phone cases, on notebooks, you name it)! The way she captures moods with her work, like nostalgic moments in time long gone, separates her from other artists and at the ripe age of 19, she has a lot more she is going to accomplish in her years to come.
I'm here to share my take on some of her newest products that dropped last month as well as brag on how amazing and inspirational someone like Polly is to me, so let's get started. 
First, let's start with her hand lettered bound notebooks (£9.50). They are absolutely perfect and not only look adorable (and appropriate for someone like myself), but are the perfect thickness (and very sturdy) while containing enough pages, ninety lined, to keep your writing and creating for days. She has a few different designs for these, but the 'Life Together' notebook speaks the most to someone like myself (who rarely, if ever, has it all together). 
Up next, and my favorite thing to exist ever, is her 'Coffee is Needed' Phone case (£14.00)
If you can't tell already, I have a deep and meaningful relationship with coffee (it flows in my veins) and usually, without it, I can be a little bit hard to handle. This phone case works as a physical disclaimer to those around me, that if I am acting like a bear early in the morning, this is most likely the reason why. 
What I love most about this case is not just the message and the design (which is beyond cute if you can't tell), but it is the new premium wrap around design of the case itself that Polly just released in her shop. They are hard case so they will protect your phone if dropped (don't run it over with your car though) and because of the smooth, glossy finish the colors are brighter and crisper (her new cocktail phone case is to die for)! 
In the week that I've had her phone case, I've dropped my phone a total of 14 times (with no damage to my phone or the case) as well as gotten countless compliments and laughs from friends (and strangers) as they see my frazzled state and immediately know the reason why. 
Last, but not least, on Sighhh Design's list of amazing new products are these adorable (and very practical) note pads (£4.50). With 50 pages per pad, these adorable little pieces of art have (quite literally) changed the way I run my day to day here at Gulush Threads.
Today's Activities: I am already an avid list maker (I make a list for every aspect of my life pretty much), but this pad prevents me from making lists on napkins and junk mail envelopes and keeps them cute and concise (because we all need that right?). The size is just perfect for my long daily to-do's and the simple design puts a smile on my face every morning. 
Doodle Break: I love to doodle, no really, I love it! I am constantly doodling ideas for new pieces for my shop and then ... losing those doodles or accidentally throwing them away. This pad keeps them all in one place and reminds me throughout my day to take a break (and clear my head). I can't wait to fill the pages of this pad with new designs for my shop (as well as unnecessary haikus and phone doodles). 
When it comes to unique and useful items, I give Sighh Designs' new line of products a A+++ (it's all pretty awesome, I promise). After a few weeks of use, I haven't found a single flaw (except I'm worried I will run out of it all too quickly with the amount of use I'm doing with them haha). Each piece has its purpose and adds so much more to her already amazing catalog of items. I honestly can't wait to make these pieces a staple in my work flow and organization as well as get more items and try out new designs. 

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If you could choose anything from her new line, what would you choose and why? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to hustle hard this week and if you can't stay organized, you might need to try something new. 
Until next time,
Kristen Gula
Founder, Creative director

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August 09, 2015

LOVE her cactus phone case!!


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